The Pickup

As it turns out, a chest freezer takes about four hours to cool down, which was just enough time for us to pick up the pig, formerly known as Weasel. So yesterday, after our respective morning errands, Sarah, Connor, Donnie and I jumped in the Subaru with a large catering cooler in the back and headed up to Napa. We of course stopped at Oxbow market for lunch, because really, who wants to visit a bunch of carcasses on an empty stomach?

Barry the butcher wasn’t in at Brown’s Valley Market, but the strapping young butcher who helped us out let us take a quick tour of the back. There were two other meat cutters carving up large hunks of beef and slicing bacon. Our pig parts came in three cardboard boxes. We pulled the car around back to the loading door to quickly and unceremoniously cram Weasel into the cooler while avoiding a slew of vulturous yellow jackets that were buzzing around the alley. She fit perfectly.

All of the meat was carefully vacuum sealed in plastic with a label denoting the cut. Of course we wanted to know the final weight of our pig bits, so we put Connor on a bathroom scale with a milk crate and took stock:






We are very much looking forward to our first pig meal: Carnitas on September 17. In the meantime, a sneak preview at Sunday brunch this morning confirmed that Weasel is indeed a tasty pig. Now we are down to five packs of bacon and may need a security system for the freezer, cause that stuff is like gold!