The Friends

A Year of Pig chronicles the adventures of six friends who buy one pig and make delicious pork dishes for friends and family over a year. We can’t wait to see where this experiment leads.

Sarah – the Chef

Sarah has two passions: curing respiratory illnesses as a biochemist and cooking up all sorts of delightful concoctions in her kitchen. She is the perfect madwoman to convert our pork-o-licious exploits into the recipes that we share. This experiment is her latest brainchild inspired by her childhood in Napa, California. She raised lambs in 4H which she sold at the same Napa Valley Expo livestock auction.

JB – the Sous

You know you can spot the one who tops from the bottom. JB’s got that glimmer in her eye. As our resident culinary nutritionist, she will make sure that our diet over the next twelve months contains food other than pork. What’s the fun in that?


Beth – the consummate hostess

Known for her uncanny skill at BBQing bivalves, she’s the culinary maverick of the group. Hailing from the southwest she’ll bring influences from the four corners to our fare. A girl scout at heart, she’s the den mother we all wanted. No apron needed, but hoodie required, this girl is the honey to our hive; she puts the family in our troop’s dinners.

Donnie – the Spaceman

The challenge: fit two hundred plus pounds of freshly butchered pig into six tiny freezers. We live in San Francisco after all and space is a premium. Oh, he also has to find any specified part on demand. With a degree in architecture and a highly evolved aesthetic, Donnie is our space man.

Connor – front of the house flare

With grace, he’ll mix you a Manhattan that will bring you to your knees. His tympanic tastes will provide the ultimate soundtrack to our suppers. Connor’s extensive Iberian escapades will drive our cured pork creations while his Vermont boyhood will ensure maple syrup is a leading lady in our culinary adventures.

Natalia – the Lipstick

Someone has to make us all look pretty, right?. Natalia is a brilliant photographer, and more importantly a photo editor by trade.   Endearingly known as Nata, her smile is omnipresent.  P.S. Sarah Palin isn’t invited to dinner.

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