Carnitas…a love story in three hours

Sometimes there’s a scene from a movie you just can’t get out of your head, or a sentence in a novel that is unforgettable. Well, this one began with a glance and an utterance…
Isn’t it sexy,” her eyes glinted as she gave a sly grin and the smallest upward flicker of an eyebrow.
It was the look of luck, of something special happening that words or cameras can’t capture. It’s something that can only be conveyed through the eyes of those who have a pretty certain idea of the bliss ahead. Of possibility. And let me tell you, more than an inkling was coming from those eyes.

Fingers and steel found the invisible seams in the 12lbs of gorgeous pork shoulder as JB deftly carved the meat into manageable mounds of lovely. Seems that butchery was just another one of her many hidden talents, that, well, none of us were that shocked by.
Nestled in our largest pot we ladled liquefied lard over our pork, and a bottle and a half of Negro Modelo, the latter just seemed fitting with the theme.
Feel free to do what you wish with that leftover half bottle of Cerveza.
Refresh yourself if you will, because this is hard work!
Two oranges were quartered, squeezed of their juice, and their rinds joined the party in the pot as well. Lastly, our caldron received 3 sprigs of thyme, some bay leaves, and a cinnamon stick for good measure.

Crank up the heat to get a good amount of bubble coming through, and then turn her down for her slow 180min simmer in the beautiful bath.

No, you’re not done.
As in any relationship worth its weight, there is always work to be done.JB revealed that she isn’t opposed to traveling with tools as she pulled a hand blender mixer-y sort from her bag and blitzed a fiery roasted tomatillo salsa into submission.

Jicama was pealed, and compatibility was found as she was mixed with grapefruit,cayenne, cilantro, some lime and olive oil, and a simple salad was born.

Cabbage showed up and with patience, and radish, she became a lovely lime driven slaw to top our tacos.

Ok, so, apparently kitchen aids in a gal’s bag are common because Natalia pulled a tortilla press from her satchel too. Hmmm…JB is the hand mixer type, Natalia the old school masa iron.
If I pass you on the street and you see my gaze lingering on your bag, now you’ll know what I’m wondering about you. Maybe on first dates we shouldn’t ask people what their hobbies are, or where they grew up, but more like, if you could have ANY kitchen utensil in your bag right now what would it be? I bet you could tell a lot about someone.
What type are you? Take some time on that one, a second date may depend on it!

Well Nata’s satchel surprise was well worth it. Our masa, being the consistent dependable partner she is, was molded into the tortillas she was always going to be, nothing different, yet truly delicious.

Guacamole made her presence known, a habanero pesto happened, queso fresco was in attendance and of course Beth brought it home with the beans!
Soaked, parboiled and pinto’d to perfection, she mixed in some sauteed onions, thyme and a healthy handshake of our very own snowy white lard. Its not so much a refry as it is a mash, mix and heat. Holy Moses they are good!!
I’m going to say this once now…Stop screwing around ordering blackkkkk beans at those taquerias in the mission. Step up, and ask for what you really want, refried beans. Seriously. You’re practicing in your head arent you? Dont let us down.

Three hours came and went and it was time. The table was set, the margaritas were shaken.JB fried us up some tasty chickpeas to start off our celebration. Spicey wonderfulness happened in our mouths.

I turned up the heat on the carnitas to get a golden sear on our meat.
Parchment paper lined our largest serving dish and the meat was pulled from her pot. We ladled some of the pan drippings over the hand shredded jewels.

The image was eye fellating.
We paused. We sighed. You’re pausing, see.
This time the glances were of success, and yes, there was lust. Use your hands, fingers slippery with greasy lick your plate clean kind of lust!
The meat, what to say about it. The edges were crisp from their light fry, the inside supple, savory and porky with just a hint of orange and a whisper of cinammon. I can say a lot of it didnt even make it into the tacos because she, alone, was kind of a star.

Isnt that how things, life, people, should be?
Alone…awesome, and then mixed with something else…somewhere else…someone else…you get amazing.
Hmm…I’ll have to have a think about that one, and maybe put a whisk in my bag for my theatre date tonight. Maybe.

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