Lemon Confit

Pork is incoming! Today I started to have a mini panic about all this meat. The panic quickly turned into excitement as I began to brainstorm more than pork recipes, but the shear possibilities of accoutrement at hand as well.
This leads me to today’s recipe: Lemon Confit. I actually thought of this recipe because I have a friend who insists that lemon belongs on almost everything. In salads, on meats, you name it, she’ll squeeze it, so this recipe is for her.
This is a fantastic fridge staple, and a recipe that allows you to reap the benefits of your hard hard work for months to come.
We may thinly slice the confit and serve it with charcuteries or atop a smear of our lovely pate jacketing a crostini. In butters to brighten sauces, and yes, we believe it’s a friend of bourbon as well. She’s destined to be a major player!

5 lemons, if you can pick ’em off that tree down the street, even better.
4 tbsp sugar
4 c kosher salt
1 quart mason jar

Wash and scrub your lemons.
Cut them in 6-8 slices each
Toss them into a bowl, squeezing them to release a bit of their juices as you do.
Pause…enjoy that fresh lemon scent, and your dripping citrus-y hands in your lovely kitchen.

Mix the salt and sugar together in a clean bowl.
Add a cup of the salt-sugar mix to the bowl of lemons and juices, toss ’em
Now, alternately add salt-sugar mix and lemons with their juices, to the mason jar.
I chose to employ the handy wooden kitchen spoon and spear my mixture through a few times to release any air bubbles and get all those juices flowin’. Air = mold, so get all of it out if possible and that lemony acid equally distributed throughout the jar because the acid will keep your fruit vibrant in color as well.

Cap it.
Fridge it.
Wash up.
Stay tuned.

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