live blogging from the auction

We had to get up early and leave our lovely borrowed Calistoga compound to get to the fair by 8AM.

The grand champion went for $60/lb. That’s a $15,000 of fine swining.

The friends are patiently waiting for the price to come down.


American society seems to place a premium on attractiveness even at livestock auctions. After observing the sale of 81 pigs we have found that handsome boys command a premium of $.75/lb -$1.50/lb for their pigs while the prettiest girls get at least $2/lb and often more than the going average (33%-180% premium) for their pigs. It’s all in the smile.

After about 4 hours of auction and several unsuccessful bids we finally bought pig number 155 of 200. She’s a 268 lb Crossbred Market Hog named Weasel, raised by Lindsay Schmitz of the Mt. George 4H Club…the very same club under which Sarah raised her lambs years ago!


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